Welcome! a visual diary of what I’m up to.  My work is split into creating work for exhibitions and teaching. Really excited about the forthcoming projects! 

Julie George and I have just finished working with 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh, Lucknow Barracks, Tidworth  facilitating their response to a Piper drawing in their own landscape.  We are working towards creating other projects for community art

A drawing a day


Memories from BigStone&Rain


A4 invite

Peter Riley is displaying a tiny sample of work created in this project.  Julie and I have really loved the experience of working with both young carers and soldiers.  He is holding a reception on 17th September at the young gallery 2-4pm

BigStone&Rain - Drypoint

Really enjoyed this printmaking process.  Drawing into an aluminum plate, ink then print.

Langley Woods

IMG 4852

Using my sketchbook, inspired by Hockney.

Watercolour of the pond

Watercolour of the pond

IMG 4846

Sketchbook Wild Garlic


IMG 4849

Bluebell woods Oil on canvas

Bluebell woods, I wanted to capture the colours of Spring. It’s beautiful with the sounds and smells of Spring, my favourite time of year.

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