New 2018 Blog

February 2018 Spring drawing

Lastest study, Its cold, very wet outside but when you look there is lots of colour, I am very fond of watching the wren that visits my garden, it will scurry around the undergrowth. So this is why the middle of the painting is dense. 

February 2018 Forest finds

My work is focusing on nature, recording the changes through the seasons as I collect bits and bobs from my landscape. My studies have been inspired by the japanese woodcuts not just the intricate simplicity, colours but their interest in space and composition.


IMG 5544

This is the drawing that began my new focus. I loved creating it. I collected plants from my dog walks and built this composition. The good quality paper had been in my drawer for years, from this drawing I wanted to created 4 more big drawings of the seasons. This began my “studies” to form my new ideas. I just love creating the studies! and haven’t stopped. 

This drawing is of the Wiltshire Downs. Using mixed media on good quality thick paper, I love how the light changes, as the seasons change. I used pen and ink to draw the seed heads and while doing this spilt ink everywhere! I then used acrylic paint, oil and all sorts! This large peice of the Wiltshire Downs in the Autumn light is the work that has inspired my new collection. 

© Nikki Sheppard 2018